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Our Story

          Wild Card Hat Company was born from a love for hats and individual expression; one day the two merged and became a dream come true. We are so eager to share a piece of that dream with all of you!

           While on a family vacation I was browsing through vendor booths at the rodeo and came across a woman with a micro hat bar in her boutique. I was instantly in awe of the idea of making a custom hat! My mother-in-law had the idea that her hair was too short to wear a hat (as many women do, which I will never understand). My stepdaughter Jaycee and I decided to make her a hat. She loved it! I have always had a passion for wearing hats so naturally I could not wait to make one for myself – but I wanted more options; better options.

             I set out making hats, trying to find the best ribbons, bobbles and feather I could find. I made five hats in the beginning. Everyone told me that I should try to sell them on Facebook; so, I listed them. I reached out to boutiques in the area and asked if they would be interested in carrying the hats. In December of that same year my stepdaughter Hana asked if I would be interested in having my hats in her tea shop, and from there a whole boutique was born! Of all the awesome clothes and accessories we offered in our boutique, the hat bar was by far the most loved. Thus, a traveling hat bar was created!

           We love seeing new places and new people. The look on our clients faces when they see the beautiful custom hat we helped them create is the reason we love what we do. My favorite hat quote is by Martha Sliter, “A hat is to be stylish in, to glow under, to flirt beneath, to make all other seem jealous over”. Your hat should be an expression of your spirit; a statement to those witnessing the glory that is you and it should be one of a kind just like you!


Kerens Texas

Tel: 469-971-4546


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